Mechanics of the Personnel Fitness Coaching

The PFC consists in direct interventions with the individual departing firstly from his desires (needs), petitions (aspirations and problems).

The PFC is a personal instrument where are influenced different aspects of the structure of the personality that can be oriented in the social intelligence.

The individual realizes levels of priority, the work is begun with LOT-Coaching to achieve a level of relation and well-being and this way he is prepared to continue the training.
There is realized a planning of which forms of Coaching are necessary to use. (LOTSE-Coaching) And if the problems, needs, aspirations are more significant or have taken root in relation with the development of the personality. The BORD-Coaching is planned, and to complement the treatment the Hypno-Coaching is applied in dependency of the psycho-corrector process that is necessary to manage, with a new psycho-corporal conditioning. To erase negative effects and to achieve Determined Reflex, reaching this way fluency, intuition and feedback in the mind and in the body.