A new vision in the Integral Pyramid of Personal Fitness Coaching Cover

A new vision in the Integral Pyramid of Personal Fitness Coaching

The motive of the realization of this compendium focuses on an integrator system of work to enrich the human being's quality of life where he is the main character of his own life.
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Dear  visitor:

Welcome sincerely to our page, PFC-COACHING (Personnel Fitness Coaching I am glad that you have found us.

The Personnel Fitness-Coaching works with the principles of healthy mind, healthy body.
With three coaching columns that are:

  • LOTSE-Coaching
  • LOT-Coaching
  • BORD-Coaching

It is created a coaching integrative system that with its specific instruments can influence positively in the social intelligence and in the psychic - emotional and corporal state.
In the PF a combination is realized between the different types of Coaching, assuming a psycho-corrector system role and presenting specific instruments of associated complicity.
It constitutes the deep base of the PFC where work with Hpno-Coaching like a most specialized instrument in the unconscious part with therapeutic purposes of psycho-correction and to manage the reinforcement of the positive capacities of the human being.
In this PF-COACHING process, you will know the origin, the effects  and experiences of the users, about the courses in the University of Karlsruhe and of the Top Pedagogic School of Karlsruhe.  
It would make me happy that you use for yourself this program “PFC: Personal corporal training for the development of the social intelligence with successful results”

Dr. Adalber BaderYour
Dr. Adalbert Bader

Teacher of the Karlsruhe University in Germany: LOTSE-Coaching, LOT-Coaching, BORD-Coaching (personal trainer of the good state of the rhythm and the conditioning of the body and mind) and Personal-Fitness-Coaching.